The existing hostel of jamia Ahsanul Banat designed with all facilities in this hostel. During this  period  five thousand students are living here. Jamia Ahsanul Banat is provide them food and medical facilities.





















         There is  Spacious hall as a dining hall where students take their meals in the vessels provided by the Madarsa. This method of dining, based on SUNNA engenders almost the students the sense of  fraternity , brotherhood, achiness and sacrifice on the one hand helps avoid unnecessary waste.


















         Serve of the professional doctor is provide for one hour to attained upon students who may fall and ill uneasiness in case of deterioration  of the health  the student is admitted to any of the best hospital where they are  treated at nominal fees payable by the Madarsa.






















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         It is extremely essential for any institution, looking forward for encourage result and progress  to see that the staff concentrates on the assigned  duties  with tranquility of mind satisfaction of heart. To attain this sublime goal, staff is accommodated in such building where modern facilities like electricity, round the clock water supply etc. are provide.   


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Medical Assistance:
Darul Mudarrse in: 
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