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         Jamia grew further and the quality of education further improved and thus it was relocated to a bigger location on the National Highway of Moradabad in the year 2000.

Today the Jamia Ahsanul Banat or otherwise known as JAB is located on Delhi Road and has the hostel capacity of over 1500 students and is increasing everyday.


         In Jamia have 120 rooms. All the rooms are very big and airy. In every room have  separate racks and beds for  every students. In jamia have 50 well educated teachers.


         A Hostel Room provide proper living conditions for his family leave alone the education etc. On the other hand, the rich Muslim brother has gone so far astray that he is not properly educating his children with the proper Islamic values and teachings. If, somehow, the poor Muslim brother is able to provide for education for his child then he first chooses religious education and thus the academic development of his child suffers.

The rich Muslim brothers send his child for ultra modern and academic education thus the religious education suffers. Thus, due to these socio-economic constraints and differences the Muslim community (especially the females in this community) gets left behind and suffers when it comes to proper education, upbringing and morals.

It seems that the Muslim community is confused and is being pulled from two different directions. Today, Religious education seems to have become too cheap of an education with no future and those who can not do anything else in life chose this line. However, this is not true at all. Both Religious and academic educations are must. The basic principle of Islam is to establish a balance in life.


An Ahsani girl’s typical day goes somewhat like this:


The hostel warden wakes up the students at Tahajjud while a Muallima announces the Sunnahs of morning and the various morning Duas over the school microphone and loudspeaker system. Thus, the students wake up in the Sunnah way reciting the wake up Duas.

After this the students are free to sleep again until Fajr or do their personal revisions/homework or other personal work.


Following this the students then get ready, dressed and prepared for the day ahead and proceed to the dinning hall for breakfast. Here the teachers welcome the students and they are seated and together they recite the Duas of meals after the teacher who recite the Duas and announce and educate the students of the various Sunnah related to meals, sitting posture etc over the dinning hall microphone system.


The students then proceed for the Assembly where the school Principal gives special Hidayat and guidance each day. The students then read various Naths, Duas and Hadeeth each day and practice their public speaking skills in front of the entire Jamia crowd.


Then the classes start with an interval in between and various practical classes such as poly technique, computers, cooking, home science, Islamic practical, etc.


At about 10 P.M. every night a Muallima announces the various night Sunnah and the sleeping Dua and the hostel wardens sends all children to bed and it is light out time.