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At JAB we are fortunate to have a brand new building, providing a comfortable, safe and modern environment for all our daily activities.

Classrooms are large and comfortable, as are the study halls where students sit during evening study sessions. The five daily prayers and the Spiritual Session take place in the prayer hall.Wuḍū (ablution) facilities are ample and well designed.

There are a specialist library containing books and resources in Arabic, Urdu and English.


Other Facilities are as Follows:




One of the key unique features of our institution is the strict, well organized Purdah which is very well followed here within the guidelines of the Shariyah. Alhamdolilah, we take great pride in following the Purdah system such strictly.


Even male teachers teach the students under Purdah from within a private cabin communicating through microphones and a loud speakers system and manual over head and digital projectors. The students can also ask questions through microphones etc.


Males are not permitted in the female area. Females can not meet anyone that is a non-mehram.





The Jamia offers vocational training to the students as well through the following channels:


 Uttar Pradesh State Vocational Training Institute (Mini ITI) - (Computer related Job Education).

 AIA Educational Society Polytechnic Institute - (Stitching, Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery, Painit, Nursing and First Aid).

 NCPUL Calligraphy.

 Graduate Diplomas





The Jamia also offers several co curricular activities for the students as follows:


 Religious Halqas

 Cultural Activities

 Islahia Anjuman

 Fire Fighting & First aid classes

 Self Defense Training

 Job training and various state examination preparations

 Certificate training in Functional Arabic





The Jamia also has a Dawah centre which performs a lot of activities such as:


 Religious education for the elderly and unconventional students.

 Various Shoba (preparatory courses) in different subjects.

 3 year crash course for religious education.

 Weekly Tafseer program hosted every Monday where the Speaker of Honor is: Mufti Salaman Sahab Mansoorpuri.