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         We believe that these outstanding qualities and credentials can only be attained through a combination of excellent teaching techniques, careful supervision of student progress, and lower staff to student ratio, careful fostering of student’s moral and character, encouragement and motivation of independent thinking and provision of positive environment which inculcates tolerance and understanding.


         Our institution has a reputation for being one of the top leading institutions in nurturing good morals and concentrating on the development of each student, treating the student as an individual, offering first class teaching by a highly committed and dedicated staff, providing a learning environment that is positive and highly motivating, one that encourages better understanding and responsibilities, yet is both enjoyable and highly rewarding and making sound provision for the accommodation and welfare of each and every student.


         Overall the system of education creates an atmosphere of self-discipline, tolerance and understanding, which encourages the student to develop their abilities to the full and thus acquire self–motivation. Our students are taught how to think logically and independently. They are seen to develop certainty, maturity and a positive confident approach to face the challenges that await them following their graduation.


         Over the past few years, the institution has achieved remarkable success in expanding the curriculum being offered, as each new academic year has seen the successful introduction of a new course group, thus nearing our goal of producing a well rounded, complete, balanced Muslim woman with all the qualities of a Momina.


         With Allah’s help, the Jamia also grew by the medium of few branches, publications, Dawah Centre for Unconventional Students and various Tafseer programs.

Student  Welfare